Google has recently shared a video offering a sneak peek at the Glass Development Kit. The video measures in a little shy of 40 minutes and has Glass Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan talking about new details of the Glass SDK. The important aspect here, while this is a talk from a recent Glass Hackathon event, this video offers a decent look at what can be expected from a consumer standpoint.

Simply put, if you are a non-developer hoping to get your hands on Glass when they are readily available, there is likely something here that will interest you. This talk begins with details of the two types of the Glass Platform developer kit. There is one for online and one for offline.

The former means having Glass connected to the web and the smartphone in your pocket or bag. One example here dealt with language translation. In this case, users would use ‘Ok Glass, translate’ to make things happen. Basically, this would have Glass then translating the text into the language you have pre-chosen. The app was called Word Lens.

Google also showed some goodies that will be attractive for those heading out to do a bit of golfing. In this case the app was called Golf Sight. This app will use the command; ‘Ok Glass, start a round of golf’ and allow the user to choose from a selection of nearby golf courses. Once the course has been picked, you can then get travel directions and of course, information while actually out on the course.

Another highlight here was one called All The Cooks, which as the name would suggest, deals with cooking. Here Glass users would be able to find recipes and not only get an ingredient list, but get that ingredient list with pictures and detailed directions. Google also showed an app called Spellista, which is a word game developed by Glu. This is a spelling/word game and takes advantage of the gyroscope.


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