As 2014 is about to draw to a close, one inescapable fact is that this was the year when the wearables truly came into their own, particularly the smartwatches and the fitness trackers that helped mobile people try to add a bit of health consciousness in their lives. Google Fit is the tech giant’s own effort to get into the market by turning your Android Wear and your Android smartphones into fitness centers.

The latest update to the app now adds over 100 more activities that you can input to be able to track your fitness activities. So aside from the usual cycling, running, walking, eating activities previously supported, you can now record skiing, skating, biathlon, volleyball, circuit training, boxing, cricket, dancing, kite surfing, etc. The only thing is that you would have to manually enter your information as it will not be automatically tracked by your wearable.

Another new thing from this update is the experimental step tracking feature which means that even if your smartwatch or fitness band gets disconnected from your paired smartphone, it will still continue to monitor your steps so that you will not lose count. The algorithm has also been fixed to better monitor all your fitness activities, including the new ones.

You can update your Google Fit app through the Google Play Store. However, as usual, Google is rolling it out slowly so you might not still be part of the ones who’ve already received the update. But if you already have it, congratulations and goodluck in your fitness goals this holiday season.