We haven’t heard much about Google Fiber since we learned that it was canceling install requests in Kansas City. It was after Google Fiber’s Webpass opened high-speed Internet in Denver as part of its expansion efforts. We haven’t featured an update on the Google Fiber TV app but now we’ve got some good news: Google Fiber has arrived in West End Park and Westover Hills in Texas. Sign-ups are now open in the areas so feel free to check out Google Fiber.

Meanwhile, those living in San Antonio can take advantage of the Fiber 1000 at only $55 per month. That’s the 1000 mbps service. You don’t have to worry about any installation fee, contract, hidden fee, or data cap. Google Fiber has only launched in the area this November, promising ultra-fast Internet connection to everyone. This also includes live and local TV content which you can access not just from the TV but from any source.

Fast Fiber connection allows anyone to enjoy video streaming in virtual reality, 3D, or 4K without any problem or buffering. Gone are the days when you’d have to wait a few seconds for a video to load because everything can be fast now with Google Fiber. Enjoy YouTube TV for a cable-free live TV experience from popular stations such as NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, AMC, and ESPN. Save all the shows and movies you want to watch on the cloud DVR.

More good news? You can also receive an NVIDIA SHIELD TV together with a remote control with Google Assistant and YouTube TV free trial which normally costs $35 monthly. A free Google Wifi router is also included.

SOURCE: Google Fiber Blog