It seems that all is not well in Google Fiber land. What was seen as one way to bring super fast Internet to people looks to be in trouble as several Kansas City residents have reported that their request for installation of the service is being cancelled, and they aren’t giving a satisfactory reason as to why this is happening. Some have been waiting for a long time for the service, only to get a Dear John letter and now they will have to dream of fast connectivity from another provider.

There have been rumors of a shakeup within Google Fiber, as the CEO has been laid off and employees are being shuffled around. Top executives are also supposedly looking at a pivot to a new product, probably a next generation, ultra-fast wireless connectivity. But despite all these goings on behind the scenes, they continue to insist that the deployment of the service will not be affected in several places where they already have a presence, even a slight one.

But there have been several instances, specifically in Kansas City, where they received an email saying that their order for Google Fiber service, where some have been waiting for 18 months, is already cancelled. “Although we’ve been working hard to bring you service, we’re unable to build our network to connect your home or business at this time,” is the vague official statement.

They have not given an official announcement regarding the cancellation, but is instead saying that they are continuing to provide “super fast Internet to residents.” In fact, they have expanded to some areas in Kansas City, despite the cancellations so color us confused. So if you’ve been waiting for months for this, probably don’t hold your breath.

VIA: DSL Reports


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