There are numerous video calling apps available but they are not really integrated in your native messaging app on your Android device. Google has launched the Duo over a year ago and was soon released worldwide and then reached five million Android downloads in one week and then 100 million after a year. Some communication apps have integrated with Google Duo for video calls but it’s only now that the Android team made video calling part of the messaging feature.

Video calls can now be made straight from the Contacts, Phone, and Android Messages. And before the year ends, a voice call can be upgraded to a video call in an instant. The integrated video calling is being added to the Nexus, Pixel, and Android One devices. Even the new-gen Pixel 2 phones have this. Google needs to finalize some things first with different device makers and mobile carriers for the integration to be ready in more phones.

Google Duo works if others also have the Duo app installed on their smartphones. It’s better if you are on a network that offers ViLTE video calling support. The feature will have the video calls routed through the ViLTE service of the carrier. If you are on different networks or don’t have the service, Google Duo will simply connect your video call to anyone with the Duo app also installed.

SOURCE: Google


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