Google did announce Google Duo back in may together with Allo. While Allo is for instant chat messaging, the Duo is for video chats between two parties from different places. The tech giant has officially released the new service as a one-to-one video calling app that anyone can use whether you are an Android or iPhone user. There are too many similar apps available but Google knows there’s room for one more, thus, the introduction of this new Duo app.

According to Google, the Duo video calling is easier to use. No need to make a new profile or account. You only need a phone number and the app installed so you can start calling your family, friends, and even colleagues should you decide to use it for work. It’s a no-nonsense app with its simple interface.

What’s good about the Duo is that it’s fast and efficient.Duo can access your contact list so you can quickly make a video call. It’s very much reliable so expect less or no dropped calls at all. It also works on slower networks so you don’t have to worry about losing signal or coverage. What happens is that the Duo app reduces the resolution whenever there is limited or slow bandwidth detected.

google duo animation

Google Duo is also fun to use. You won’t feel a call is an interruption from your busy day because of the ‘Knock Knock’ feature which allows you to see a live video of the caller first before you pick up the phone and answer. This way, you will see what the caller is doing or know his location and background before you accept the invitation.

Google said that Duo calls make use of end-to-end encryption so you can be assured of private, safe, and secure conversations all the time.

Download Google Duo from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Google, Google Duo