Similar to what we have been seeing from Google with other holidays, there is a bit for those looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day. To be specific, it seems Google has offered two goodies. One of which deals with Play Music and the Chromecast, and the other is coming as another Auto Awesome image tweak.

First up is the Play Music and Chromecast feature. Basically, those streaming music on a Chromecast will be able to sit back and enjoy a fireplace. Well, a virtual fireplace anyway. Before getting cozy and sitting in front of the (virtual) fire with your loved one, this will have to be enabled.

To enable the fireplace setting you can head to the Labs section for Play Music. Using a regular browser, you will need to look for the gear icon towards the upper right corner. Click that and then select the option for Labs. Once there scroll down to the “Chromecast Fireplace Visualizer” option and click the “enabled” option. Don’t forget to save your changes. Afterward, you will see the fireplace when streaming Play Music to your Chromecast.

Next up is the Auto Awesome image tweak. In the past you were able to see some twinkles for lights, and also add falling snow. Well, keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme, you can now add some floating hearts. Details here point towards the hearts coming to images where two people are kissing. With that, find an image or create a new one, then sit back and wait for the notification letting you know the hearts have begun falling.

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