Google confirmed 41 new features for Google+ last week during I/O. As of today however, it looks like they have detailed 42. This latest update is for the Android Google+ app and touches on three items — images, location and the overall stream. Additionally, there was also talk of notifications, profile editing and quicker access to the recently released Hangouts app.

That said, lets dive in with the images. With these Google appears aimed at making the whole image experience simpler. The features here include Auto-Backup, Auto-Highlight and Auto-Enhance as well as Auto-Awesome. These items can all be accessed by visiting the Photos section from the Google+ Android app and for the most part, they sound as they are. Take Auto Backup for example, your images will be automatically backed up to the cloud.

Auto Highlight will allow you to browse a selection of top shots and Auto Enhance will allow for what Google describes as “subtle” and automatic improvements to your images. Lastly, there is Auto Awesome which will allow for the creation of animations, panoramas and more based on your images.


While Google+ Photos seem to have attracted the most attention, there was also the Location changes. These have the Google+ app with a new section called Locations. From here you ail be able to see where your friends happen to be. These locations are displayed on a map and will only be shown for friends who are already sharing their location with you. The Locations section will be accessible from the left hand menu. For those worried, your location sharing can be adjusted using the settings.

Otherwise, remaining Google+ app changes include the stream, which in this case mean the addition of hashtags. Those browsing their activity stream will be able to see the hashtags in the upper right hand corner of posts. These hashtags are automatically added by Google and when clicked, you will get additional content based on that particular tag. Users can also choose to manually add hashtags.

Remaining items include tweaks to the notifications along with the ability to edit a bit more of your profile from the Android app. Plus, there is the previously mentioned one-click access to Hangouts. With that, the Google+ for Android app is expected to arrive in the Google Play Store today and will be available for devices running Android 4.0 or later.

SOURCE: Google