Did you enjoy the falling snow autoawesome feature Google rolled out a few days ago? We did, but who wants to go outside and snap pics? It’s cold out there. We like to be bundled up inside, safely tucked away from jack frost. Google knows us too well, and has introduced a fun new feature for the holidays. It’s something we’re all very, very familiar with, too.

In an update, which is rolling out gradually, Google+ pics will get the snowy touch just by shaking your device. That’s right, take any picture you’re viewing, and shake your Android device to give it that snowy look. If you like what you see, give it another shake to save a copy with the snow built in.

Now we don’t have to go outside to get the snow effect, instead opting to never leave our warm dens of solitude. Like any other Google+ photo — or just photos we guess, since gallery is gone from us — it’s sharable to Google+ as the autoawesome you make, or a plain image anywhere. All right form your Android smartphone or tablet, too!

Of course, we should let you know that the app needs to be updated first, and like all things Google, is rolling out in stages. Also, be careful when shaking your device. We’d hate for you to destroy your phone or tablet. Then again, it’s the holidays, so… built in excuse to ask for a new one? We won’t tell Santa, we promise.