Google Assistant Smart Display Google Home Hub

If you’re not excited about the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, there are other Google products to be crazy about. October 9 was a big day for the tech giant as several new devices were announced including the Google Pixel Stand, Google Home Hub, Google Pixel Slate, new Google Chromecast, and the OtterBox Den Series Mickey Mouse case for the Google Home Mini. We want to focus on the Google Home Hub today because it is the first ever smart display from the company powered by the Google Assistant.

A smart display is basically a smart speaker with a screen. Actually, it’s more like an Android tablet with a stand. To make it simple, it’s called a smart display. The smart speaker came first but it has since improved with a speaker.

The latest is the Google Home Hub. We remember the first leak showing the charcoal variant. Renders and specs were earlier revealed and finally, the smart home device, described as a small smart display with big ambitions, is unveiled.

The Google Home Hub works best with the Google Assistant. Without it, the new Google Home will be useless. New Assistant features have been added to the current ones– Continued Conversation and two languages are already available.

The new smart display is scheduled to get new features like the multi-room audio, Live Albums from Google Photos on Ambient Mode, Nest Hello Doorbell integration, Home View to manage and control all smart devices at home, and of course, Google Assistant integration with many other entertainment devices and media services.

On the Pixel 3, the Google Assistant will play nice with a pair of Pixel USB-C Earbuds. You can also know screen calls and block spam, book reservations at more restaurants, take a visual snapshot of your day, and Assistant in the lockscreen.

The new Pixel Stand also comes with Google Assistant.  With the voice assistant, it transforms into a Google Home-like device.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)