The Google Assistant is getting a number of upgrades. More Android users are getting the smart voice assistant as it expands to more devices and countries. It is also coming to iPhones so we can expect more consumers will get into game. Another update will soon make the Google Assistant work not only with voice but also with keyboard input.

Wait, isn’t the point of having Google Assistant is that you won’t have to type on the screen or keyboard? Apparently, there is a market for those people who don’t really want to broadcast their demands or questions so typing is preferred instead.

The feature isn’t formal and official yet but the video below shows how it is possible.

It will launch for more users but for now, only those who have the Google Assistant on their phones can get the update. Download first the latest Google Play services or check the app on Google Play. Check if the update is available. If not, you can just download from APK Mirror.

This keyboard input for Google Assistant may not be used by most mobile users but definitely, there are those who will find this useful.

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VIA: SlashGear