The Google Assistant, has no doubt, overtaken Siri and Cortana. Its closest rival right now is Alexa but Google definitely has an advantage. Google knows it is smarter and we’ve proven time and again more especially when the Google Home was launched. The voice assistant can also be found in other devices and is currently being integrated with a number of products and services. Even Android Wear is about to get cozy with the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is more than just a smart voice assistant. Sure, it helps answer your questions and presents search results but it can also do more like check your calendar, add reminders, manage smart home devices from different brands (LG, Logitech, Honeywell, TP-Link, or August locks), call hands-free, stream your playlist or play videos, or enjoy Chromecast. Just say “Ok Google, blah blah blah” and the Google Assistant will do the work for you. Of course, you still need to follow specific commands so it will understand what you are saying.

More streaming video partners have been added like Netflix, HGTV, CBS All Access, and HBO NOW. When it comes to music, there’s Spotify, Deezer, and Soundcloud.

For the developers, you can make your own conversational apps for the voice assistant. Soon, we’ll be able to enjoy more third party apps and service integrations. The Assistant is also made smarter and more natural. It learns more as time goes buy and as many requests are being sent improve the conversation. It will also work with Google Lens so it can learn more about your surroundings. Even if you don’t have Google Home, you can use Google Assistant on your smartphones. Google announced that it is already available in over 100 million of Android devices worldwide.

Even outside the Android community, people can enjoy the Google Assistant as it is coming to iPhones, as well as, to more countries like Canada, Australia, France, Japan, and Germany. This means the Google Assistant may replace the darling of iPhones. Siri better watch out.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)