The rest of the world may be keeping the Samsung Galaxy S II from us here in the states, but to show we’re not bitter the Google+ app is now available to download internationally. If you have a Google+ account, but don’t live in the United States, the Google+ account hasn’t been available on the Android Market yet. There is always the mobile web site, but this app is great, and makes following, say your favorite Android Community, that much easier.

Google’s given no word on why they haven’t released the Google+ Android app internationally, but testers have confirmed installing the APK has worked just fine. Of course, you do have to have a Google+ account for it to do you much good. If you don’t have one quite yet, hang in there, invites seem to be turning on more frequently the past few days.

The app gives you some pretty cool features, not the least of which is instant notifications and the ability to view posts directly from the app. You also get access to huddles, an awesome multi-user chat tool and the ability to instantly upload pictures and videos you take to Google+. You can grab the app here or at the original thread at XDA. Happy +’ing!

[via XDA]