We have seen plenty coming out of Google I/O this morning. The announcements have included everything from the Google Edition GALAXY S 4 to Google Play for Education to the “All Access” music service that looks set to take on the likes of Spotify. While we have seen plenty of announcements, it looks like Google has also announced a rather big set of updates for Google+.

Google has confirmed that 41 new features will be coming to Google+, though at the moment they haven’t listed all the specifics. Of course we already saw details for the Hangouts. This update is also going to bring an updated news stream. Similar to how the notifications for Hangouts will stay in sync across devices, so will the news stream.

It was said the new look will bring a stream that is based on “design and depth” and as you will see in the image sitting below — these will take on a look that is similar to Google Now cards. Basically, it sounds like Google+ users will be seeing lots of changes and updates moving forward. Not to mention, it seems Google is continuing to make Google+ the center of attention.


Otherwise, in addition to the updates that will be coming with Google+, there was also an update for Photos. Moving forward users will be able to save full images that are up to 8 megapixels in size. Or in other words, it looks like Google has stepped up the game in terms of image size.

Coming with the increase in image size, Google also gave users some additional storage. Moving forward you will have 15GB to use between Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ Photos. With that, as we have said before (and will likely say again), make sure to stick with our Google I/O portal for the latest coverage.