If you happen to be a Google Glass user, you can now play a Duck Hunt style game called Glass Hunt. The Glass Hunt game appears similar to Duck Hunt, though you are not shooting ducks from the sky. Aside from needing some nostalgia for the now classic video game, the Glass Hunt game uses the “Go Hunting” command and requires a bit of head jostling to get the targets.

First things first though, the Glass Hunt game is still listed as being in beta and does require the Glass user to do a bit of sideloading. Once installed however, things begin by saying “Ok Glass, Go Hunting” and from that point you move your head around to lock in on the target. As you’ll see in the image sitting below, your head movement will be controlling the black and red sight.


While this game does seem to be entertaining, we aren’t sure how many users will be shelling out $1,500 just for the chance to play. But regardless, looking at the bigger picture and Glass Hunt appears to be another step in the right direction. An overall simple game, but one that just gives another use case example for Glass.

Looking back to last week and we saw an app that allowed users to publish to WordPress. Other recent Glass topics included a camera app that brought live preview framing. That camera app arrived by way of Paul O’Brien from MoDaCo and despite being classified an early beta, it is open for those looking to check it out.

The app essentially adds a top level command of Open Camera which then allows the user to take a picture by pressing the shutter button. Perhaps bigger news for those using Glass, and wearing glasses, we got a good look at a prescription setup when some images surfaced last week.

VIA: Android Central

SOURCE: Glass Hunt