While Google Glass has been expanding into the hands of more and more people lately, we cannot help but keep an eye on the development side. After all, in theory, the more developers create before Glass is readily available to the public, the more attractive they will be to the average user. One developer, Paul O’Brien from MoDaCo has recently released an app that should appeal to those taking lots of pictures.

The current setup with the camera on Google Glass shows you what you took a picture of, but only after you take the picture. While Explorers have been getting by with the current setup, the addition from O’Brien means users can get a live preview that shows what they are about to take a picture of. The catch though, this isn’t replacing the default camera setup and instead works with a top level command of Open Camera.


Once the command has been given, users can then take a picture by pressing the shutter button on the device. And from that point, users will then have the usual options. Another catch here, O’Brien has said this means the Vignette option is not available. Still, it seems being able to properly frame a picture before capturing it should be of more benefit here. If nothing else, it may be the difference between capturing a good image or capturing something you immediately feel the need to delete.

As for the app, it appears to still be early days. It was said this a currently a “rough beta” and that “tweaks and improvements” will follow. The APK for this app is actually a toolkit, which includes the camera app and a previously released wireless state APK (also from O’Brien). Anyway, that all having been said, the APK and further details for installation are available using the source link sitting below.

SOURCE: Google+