We’ve wrote about Planet Computers’ Gemini pocket computer/PDA before, and we’ve even met it face-to-face at CES 2018. Planet Computers should be shipping this device any day now to those who supported its Kickstarter campaign. The Gemini PDA is truly something, a throwback to the days of the pocket computer – only better. We’ve heard that this device is able to dual-boot both Android and Linux, but the news today is that it will only ship with Android.

Planet Computers has marketed the Gemini PDA as a dual-OS device, but to be clear, it seems that the device will only ship out with Android. What Planet Computers will provide is an easy way for users to flash Linux in. We hear there is partial support for Debian, Ubuntu, Sailfish OS, and Postmarket OS – so you will have to pick what flavor of Linux you want.

Planet Computers have been honest enough to say that there is still some work to be done on Linux drivers so that the keyboard works just so. Linux will run on the device, and the company says basic functionality and features including 4G connectivity are already working. Users will be able to download the a Gemini Flashing Tool from the Planet Computers support site, which will enable you to flash Linux, remove Linux, or flash an Android custom ROM.

The Gemini PDA will probably retail for around USD$300 for the WiFi-only version. A 4G LTE-enabled variant is reportedly in the works and should cost around USD$400 when it comes out.

SOURCE: Liliputing