At the beginning of the month, we know a lot of people who professed their yearly reminder: Wake me up when September ends. It gets tiring, saying the same thing over and over again so we were careful not to mention the line. But hey, September is ending. No, really. The month is drawing to a close which means it’s time for a roundup of some of the best Android games we’ve tried this month. And so yes, we’re waking you up since it’s time–time for you to play new games.

Even if you don’t have a gaming-centric phone, we know you’re looking for new adventures to tackle so here are some titles we discovered. We’re certain you’ll enjoy these games from Level 5, CAPCOM, and Niantic Labs.

Professor Layton

This isn’t the first time we’re meeting Professor Layton. A spinoff game came to the US market last year. We were tasked to help Kat find the missing professor in ‘Layton’s Mystery Journey’ and now, you can venture into the Curious Village.

Old gamers may be familiar with this game that was once awarded ‘Best Handheld Game of 2008′. The original Nintendo DS game can be played now on your Android device. It’s some kind of retro gaming for some of us but for the new generation, this will introduce them to the good ol’ days.

The game which helped sell more than 17 millions units of Nintendo DS around the world is a puzzle adventure that’s been remastered digitally in HD with the addition of animated cutscenes.

‘Layton: Curious Village in HD’ is actually the first installment in the Layton series. It contains over a hundred puzzles plus mini-games. The game will require you to collect some gizmos and then pursue side characters.

Download Layton: Curious Village in HD

MHST The Adventure Begins | Monster Hunter Stories

You’ll be hunting and recruiting for more hunters in this new role-playing game from CAPCOM. Search for monster dens in different dungeons and environments so you can hatch new Monsties. When you have plenty of monsters already on your team, you can start fighting in network battles. Raise them with other riders so you can challenge other players in the future.

Download Monster Hunter (MHST The Adventure Begins) from the Google Play Store | Demo Link: Monster Hunter Stories

Pokemon GO Halloween 2018

Pokemon GO Halloween 2018 is a special season where you will get to meet new Pokemon characters. You may be noticing a new one in Pokemon GO (that is, if you still play). It’s Meltan–a new Legendary/Mythical Pokemon–a Hex Nut Pokémon.

Starting October 19, you will see Ghost-type and Dark-type Pokemon more frequently than usual. Expect Double Candy for Pokemon egg hatching, transfers, Buddy Walking, and capture. You can also buy from the in-game store those Special Boxes like Raid Passes and Super Incubator.

Download Pokemon GO