If you’re a fan of the Layton series from a decade ago, you will love that a new game is being released as part of its tenth-year celebration. ‘Layton’s Mystery Journey’ is a new adventure game that is a spin-off of the Professor Layton game which is one of the many popular games from Japan. The series stars Katrielle and her quest for the truth. This is only the first sequel for mobile but expect more to be released in the next few months.

The game features Katrielle Layton searching for Professor Hershel Layton, her father, who has been missing in London. Riding a bicycle, Kat will go around London and visit the city landmarks, hoping to solve the case. During her search, she discovers the Millionaires’ Conspiracy that will eventually lead to her crack the case. Help Kat solve numerous puzzles and a total of 12 intriguing cases. But the question still remains, where is Professor Layton?

This game features characters and plot twists you will love and enjoy uncovering. Don’t be confused with the numerous puzzles but it’s a Layton Series so expect Kat to be enveloped in more mystery and puzzle challenges. Use your wits and prove that

Download Layton’s Mystery Journey 1 from the Google Play Store


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