Gameloft, creator of exceedingly fancy mobile games, has announced that their first game developed using the Unreal Engine, “March of Heroes,” will be making it’s way to Android. Gameloft has been really churning out the Android games lately, such as the recently announced 9mm. They have even been announced to have an exclusive store bundled with the Evo 3D. Now they’re bringing a new FPS using the power of Unreal’s gaming engine.

The Unreal Engine, which has brought the world games such as BioShock, Mass Effect, and on our own Android devices, Dungeon Defenders, is known for producing visually stunning games on platforms ranging from home consoles to smartphones. This portability is obviously going to benefit Android users, as this engine enables developers like Gameloft to more easily develop cross platform games. Check out the trailer below for a taste of what Gameloft and Unreal have cooked up.


    • Well, I care enough to prove your point, not only because you are Polish ^^.  have announced a very long time ago and released a demo of a prototype game, called Project Sword … Nothing special so far,  watch some videos … Most of you probably have heard about this already … Awesome graphics, VERY rich animation and textures … Overall, it’s an awesome project. Shame it’s only for Apple’s iCrap stuff … I love my Samsung Galaxy S II and I would prefer games of Project Sword type being released, being 100 times better than gameloft’s FPS to be released … and also their constant repeats of racing games and shooters … I’m tired of this. Have no more appreciation. 


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