Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Leak

Is that the new Galaxy Z Fold phone? That is what many people who have seen Samsung’s latest info video ‘Voices of Galaxy’ are asking. The South Korean tech didn’t say anything about the upcoming devices. In the video, the developers who have been working on open and unique Galaxy experiences for Samsung have been introduced. Samsung is giving a glimpse of the new Galaxy system that includes the Good Lock. In one scene, a foldable phone was being used while an executive was seen wearing a Galaxy Watch.

Those two could be just the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and a Galaxy Watch 3 but the next scene showed Hyesoon Jeong (Framework R&D Group Samsung Electronics) holding a yellow S-Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Z Fold 3 S Pen SupportThat could mean anything like she was using a Galaxy Note but we’d like to believe it’s the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 with S-Pen support .

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 ClassicThe Galaxy Watch 4 appears to be the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with its rotating bezel. It looks huge on the executive’s wrist.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Z Fold 3 Camera Module

The Galaxy Z Fold on the video is different because of the camera module. It’s not boxed like on the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The camera module looks like a large pill as we have seen in early renders.

Samsung is believed to be introducing a new folio case as seen in one scene. We honestly don’t think Samsung made a mistake here. The video could really be a teaser of what to expect.

As for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, it’s different from the Gear S3 Classic because the rotating bezel appears thicker. We’ve seen the smartwatch shown off in different angles last week and the images match what’s on the video.