There’s nothing much to say here because there is no official announcement from Samsung but a recent thread on Reddit has the One UI as a topic. The replacement UI for Samsung Experience is said to be available for Galaxy S9 on Xfinity Mobile. In case you’re not familiar with Xfinity Mobile, it’s not a new Android phone but a mobile service from Comcast that was launched back in 2017. It’s the same wireless phone service that helps a device owner find a missing phone with the X1 Voice Remote Phone Finder and enjoy most features.

We’re impressed at how fast Comcast is with updating Xfinity Mobile. Samsung hasn’t fully rolled out the new mobile user experience to all of the phones we know will receive a slice of Pie. We’re curious as to how this carrier is able to deliver One UI to the Galaxy S9.

Xfinity Mobile here is just advanced or perhaps the service really needs any kind of upgrade. Samsung has a schedule of when the latest Galaxy phones will receive the One UI as part of the Android Pie OS.

One UI has already rolled out to Android 9 Pie for Galaxy Note 8 owners, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S9+. More OEMs are expected to make related announcements.

As with other Android 9.0 Pie One UI releases, Xfinity Mobile’s version will help you focus on a task at hand, enjoy a more natural interaction, take advantage of Night Mode, and use more intuitive visuals.

VIA: Reddit