How popular is the Galaxy S5? Samsung’s latest flagship has broken its release date in South Korea, been widely hyped and anticipated stateside, and seen one of the larger worldwide rollouts in recent memory. That all contributes to a recent study by Localytics, which say the Galaxy S5 is already responsible for nearly 1% of Android devices worldwide.

The 0.7% Localytics claims for the Galaxy S5 is a worldwide metric, so it spans the 125 countries and territories the GS5 was launched in on (or near) April 11. Localytics also points out that Galaxy S5 sales topped early Galaxy S4 sales, which could put them on pace to outsell the predecessor device we’ve all compared it to.

The study, which ranged from launch day to April 18, has Localytics saying the early numbers are “especially impressive”, and puts the device on a similar trajectory to the iPhone 5S. The regional breakdown notes the handset is still US centric at 64%, but Europe also makes a respectable showing.

In a saturated space, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 stands out as perhaps the flagship Android device. At nearly 1% implementation in just a week, it’s clear consumers want the latest from Samsung. Did you buy one? Tell us in the comments section below.

Via: Ubergizmo