What’s the point of having a gigantic, stylus-enabled superphone if you can’t own at Draw Something? Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note who are also fans of the popular custom ROM CyanogenMod need no longer ask this question. The latest version of the ROM adds a few more features, including support for Samsung’s S-Pen, an active digitizer stylus that uses Wacom technology for accuracy and precision. You can download the ported ROM from this XDA thread – sorry, AT&T users, it’s only for the international Galaxy Note for now.

At the time of writing, the updated ROM is “mostly” functional. Most of the notable features from CyanogenMod 9 and Ice Cream Sandwich itself are present, plus S-Pen functionality. But the Movie Studio app still doesn’t work, CyanogenMod’s custom DSP manager is broken, and the speakerphone is acting strangely. Team Hacksung, which is building this ported software from CyanogenMod’s open source code, is working on ironing out the issues.

Those of you who really like the S-Pen and Samsung’s custom applications that take advantage of it might want to wait for the official Ice Cream Sandwich update. As Samsung has demonstrated, they’re planning a host of new apps that take advantage of the S-Pen SDK and bundling them into the upcoming update. Of course you could always take the middle road and flash a leaked version of the official ROM, for either the international Galaxy Note or AT&T’s US version.

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[via androidcentral]