We love the Samsung Galaxy Note. Pachyderms named Peter love the Galaxy Note. At last count, about five million of you out there in Internet land love it too. But if you’ve become as enamored as I have with OMGPOP’s Draw Something over the last few weeks, you’ve got at least one more reason to either love or crave the gigantic smartphone: its superior artistic capabilities. As noted in our previous story, it makes a great platform for the Pictionary-style gaming app, thanks to its 5.3-inch screen and built-in digital stylus.

Samsung thinks so too, and they’re spreading the news. In a new video that’s surprisingly sedate, Samsung USA’s Director of Product Marketing Ryan Bidan lets users know exactly how useful the one-two combo of a big screen and pen input is when playing Draw Something. his opponent (who, to be fair, is probably using a Galaxy S II) gives a pre-school rendition of an office building. Ryan chooses a Ringpop as his phrase, and while he’s no Leonardo, manages to blow the door off of his opponent in just a few seconds.



That’s great, Ryan, really great. Now why don’t you let someone with a little more artistic sensibility go after it with that big screen and fancy stylus? Draw Something has 50 million players, many of whom are bonkers for the service. Why not just get the guys from that commercial earlier this year to Draw Something like this? Show them beating the pants out of the game, racking up points left and right, and you’ll get converts left and right from puny 3.5-inch phones from certain fruity manufacturers.


Feel free to run with that, Samsung. You’re welcome.

[via TheNextWeb]