So much has been said about the Galaxy Note 7 recall program, no thanks to a faulty battery. Samsung has immediately responded to the complaints by doing a global recall of about 2.5 million units. The company finally approached the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and has recently sent out a video apology and explanation. In the US, about one million Note 7s are being recalled, particularly those sold until September 15.

The tech giant said not all Note 7 in the market are affected but it’s better to be safe than sorry these days. It’s recommended that you get a replacement of the Note 7 or get the software update that will reduce charging limit to 60%. More explosions have been reported and one Florida man has filed a lawsuit against Samsung for the damages incurred when the phone exploded less than a couple of weeks ago.

Samsung is in the process of receiving the Galaxy Note 7 units through the exchange program. About 40% of all the phones being recalled are sold in the US alone. Most carriers and retailers have formally announced their processes for the exchange program but ironically, has yet to make it official. Sure, people are being asked to call the Samsung Customer Service or visit Samsung’s website but those who ordered online can’t exchange their phones yet.

Actually, there’s an exchange program set but UPS and FedEx are refusing to ship the phones back to Samsung. Reason is mainly safety. Unfortunately, some consumers have tried to have their Note 7 replaced but only got this response from the company:

“At this time due to FedEx and UPS refusing to transport the packages there’s no exchange program. They have announced that a new program will be introduced for an actual Exchange instead of the Return/Refund system we had previously instituted. This system was supposed to go live as of today, but as the last details are still being set up, this will be started next week. At this time please keep watch for new details on our website about this program and when it will be live. They are stating they hope to have the phones available as early as 9/21/16. I hope this information addresses any questions you may have.”

So there’s no exchange program? Looks like it, at least, for now. Those who bought their Note 7 through is advised to just return their smartphones and then buy then again later when the units are ready. There’s no temporary replacement or phones for loan that will be given to though.

VIA: PhoneArena