Samsung may be notorious for its obsession to plastic, but the Korean manufacturer knows very well how a splash of color can make things seem right. After launching other color options for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in other markets, Samsung is finally bringing Rose Gold to the US, exclusively via Verizon.

The Galaxy Note 3 isn’t exactly a drab device. Sure the front bezel comes in the usual black or white choices, but the faux leather back cover can be exchanged with colorful and rather useful flip or S View covers. Quite amusingly, Samsung also made unveiled a Blush Pink color right at launch. But it has also made available other colors in selected markets where you don’t have to buy an additional accessory.

There is the Merlot Red version for lovers of all things scarlet in Korea, China, and Argentina. Here you will see red literally. All except the aluminum frame and the S Pen end are covered in a rich red color that might make some eyes hurt. Those in Argentina were also lucky to have yet another color available to them. Actually, the Rose Gold Galaxy Note 3 came to that country way back in November last year and it’s now making its way to the US.

Those who might have gotten excited over the word “gold” in the name might be in for a disappointment. This version of the Galaxy Note 3 is almost similar to the Classic White color, except that its accents are, of course, Rose Gold. The good news is that the specs and features are also the same and hopefully the price from Verizon will be likewise.

VIA: SlashGear