Samsung has just unveiled a new color option for its Galaxy Note 3 in Korea. Those who are dissatisfied with the smartphone’s original colors or the variety of colorful covers now have another color to choose from.

Not that the Galaxy Note 3 is lacking in color. The first models are available in Jet Black, Classic White and Blush Pink. Not only that, there are numerous cases, both the wallet and the S View Cover type, available with different colors and shades. Not to mention the myriad of unofficial accessories available to dress up the device. It’s probably still a different thing when your smartphone comes in the exact color you want without need for an additional accessory purchase.

While those dying for a blue handset might be disappointed, fans of red will probably welcome the new Merlot Red option with open arms. Except for the display and the parts that are painted with a metallic sheen, this Galaxy Note 3 model is undeniably red all over, from the front-facing bezel to the faux leather back cover. Even the S Pen is in red!

There are no details on when this new option will be available in Korean markets or if it will cost extra. It is also unlikely that it will even appear in US markets. China, however, seems to have it good as not only does it have the Merlot Red variant, it is also said to be getting a Rose White Gold version as well.

VIA: SammyHub