The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is now available in additional colors, with red and rose gold being added to the mix. That brings the total number of colors to 5, with white, black, and pink already on offer. Both new colors will be available worldwide early in the new year, according to rumors, though some carriers may reserve exclusivity for a while.

The Note 3 is currently the only device that can be reliably paired to the Galaxy Gear. Though some carriers have begun adding functionality to the Galaxy S4, AT&T has notably halted the rollout, leaving the Note 3 as the only smartphone for Samsung’s smartwatch. With that, we still like the Note 3 without the Gear, even though the Gear adds a depth t the user experience.

For fans of larger phones, the Samsung Note line is the benchmark. Though TouchWiz is a bit heavy, it does add a lot of functionality for larger devices and styli use. Multi window looks much better on a Note device, and the overall improvements Samsung made to the Note 3 over the Note 2 make it a very attractive offering. The art deco sides with Samsung’s smart cover are aesthetically impressive, too.

The new colors are currently available in Argentina, which is an attractive emerging market for OEMs. We saw the Moto G launch in South America, too, which signifies how important those new avenues are to device manufacturers. While we don’t know just when the new colors will reach the rest of the world, it would be nice to pair the device to a Galaxy Gear in color, too.