Verizon may be dragging their feet with the Galaxy Nexus (in fact, they may be dragging them so much that they’re buried up to their knees) but if a recent FCC filing is anything to go by, other carriers aren’t. The Ice Cream Sandwich phone made another appearance at the FCC this week, sporting AT&T’s HSPA+ wireless band. Is this a precursor to an on-contract Galaxy Nexus for Big Blue?

Not necessarily. Devices make it through the FCC all the time without ever seeing the light of day at U.S. retailers. Those who like their smartphones XXL-sized will remember that the Samsung Galaxy Note came through the FCC shortly after it was announced, with AT&T bands no less, but still isn’t available in the States. Verizon’s LTE model was certified in November, and while it’s certainly coming some time this decade, it still hasn’t been cleared for either a release date or a pre-order.

That said, AT&T needs a little more punch in their Android lineup, with Verizon currently claiming top dog status with the DROID RAZR and HTC Rezound. Quickly bringing the Galaxy Nexus to market could only help its chances with Android power users who are increasingly angry at Verizon’s lack of communication. Keep in mind that the international version of the Nexus works on both AT&T and T-Mobile, but you’ll need to pay full price at an import shop to get your hands on one.

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  1. Looks like AT&T is to busy with the iphoney4S to care about the Nexus.  That socks cause I have waiting for sometime for At&T to add this to their line up…i just dont want to have to get an iphone and have to go through the hassle of jail breaking to get the phone i want

    if the CEO of AT&T is reading this PLEASE add the Nexus b4 Christmas!!!  

    I know (sigh) wishful thinking


  2. Well we hope the US GSM version comes unlocked with similar pentabands as the European version capable of working with both Tmobile and Att 3G/HSPA+ (global use) and with a 32GB internal storage with the bigger battery 1850mAh. I read somewhere the S Korean version comes with and extended use battery 2000mAh w/ another back cover…pls Google/Samsung make that available also in the US as an accessory. 


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