Today we’ve finally been given a chance to take a more in-depth look at the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus hero phone from Google. You’ve probably seen hands-on and videos appearing all over the place and we have plenty of our own. I’ll link to our coverage below but this post is all about that amazing camera. Yes it’s only 5 megapixels but Google and Samsung are touting it to be the best yet. We tested some 1080p video and snapped a few photos so check em out.

First I’ll let you dive into our Gnex hands-on and unboxing, then you can enjoy a quick look at our Ice Cream Sandwich hands-on part 2. That will give you a better idea of what to expect, especially if you’ve not dug around the SDK yet. Below we have included a quick 1080p video sample recorded with the Galaxy Nexus. You can see how well it really does, even in low light. We recorded part of the Google Music event yesterday and it still looks quite impressive for the extremely low amount of light that was available, not to mention all those dark heads in our way. Zoom was a bit choppy as you can see but I’ll let you decide yourself.

Galaxy Nexus 1080p video sample

Also, just for a comparison we’ve tested the Galaxy Nexus shutter speed compared to the iPhone 4S as I’m sure a few would like to see how it compares. Apple made a big deal about that 8MP camera so here is that video below — obviously the Nexus was much much faster:

Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S camera
[vms f74f3c285b3f6d57958d]

We even quickly tested the quality of the front facing camera on the Gnex. The video is short and a little scary but you can clearly see how well the front camera also does with a low light situation. The front camera works wonderfully.

Now below is a small gallery of full size HD photos taken with the Galaxy Nexus, they’ve been re-sized to around 1000 for uploading here but you get the idea. That panoramic shot is awesome and we’ve snapped a few more of those and will be sure to share soon. Obviously we’ll have much more of the Galaxy Nexus coming very very soon so stay tuned for more details and our full review once we get through all the awesome new features.

As an added bonus (or two) here is our newest hands-on videos of the the new and amazing Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

[vms 4fb2321e9ce801e2f516 ]

[device id=1740]