Quad-core is the name of the game at Mobile World Congress 2012, and the standard is Nvidia’s new 4-Plus-1 Tegra 3 system on a chip. While the device itself isn’t quite ready for prime time yet, Fujitsu is showing off a new Tegra 3 Ice Cream Sandwich phone with some tricks up it sleeve, namely an incredible 13.1 megapixel camera and a waterproof design. Officially designated “quad-core prototype” for the time being, expect to see something similar coming from Fujitsu sometime this year – though probably not outside of Asia, at least at first.

Looking at the Fujitsu phone, you’d be forgiven for thinking that somebody accidentally made a Galaxy Nexus with capacitive buttons. The 4.6-inch screen is impressive in person, though company representatives weren’t ready to talk about panel types or resolution. Both the hardware and software feel a little unfinished, with creaking seams and slowdown on basic Android tasks – we’re inclined to be generous here, since Fujitsu says it’s aiming for a late 2012 release. Software appears to be bone-stock Android 4.0, but expect that to change.

The innovations in Fujitsu’s concept are hard to ignore. Cramming 13.1 megapixels into a cameraphone sensor is impressive (though not as impressive as it was a few days ago) and the waterproof, dustproof chassis isn’t significantly bigger or thicker than comparable phones. Atrix fans, take notice: the proximity sensor on the Fujitsu phone doubles as a fingerprint reader for biometric security. It automatically turns the phone off when you set it on a table, which might be a good or bad thing – we haven’t decided yet.

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It’ll be many moons before this device hits the market, and we’ve no idea what it’ll be called – though based on a label we saw under the table and a little intuitive guessing on Fujitsu’s current lineup, “ARROWS F12 Arc” would make a lot of sense. Keep in mind that the prototype is likely to do a lot of changing, both hardware and software, before it sees a retail release. Be sure to keep an eye on the MWC 2012 portal for more far-flung looks at upcoming devices.


    • If you don’t also count the water/dust proof design, the 13.1 megapixel camera, the quad core processor, the proximity sensor/fingerprint reader, the manufacturer, the material used and the shape in general, then yes, a full copy…

  1. Applies to all the new quadcores from new comers or laggards, buying their products is easy.  It’s the after sales support, I’m worried about.  Just how good and often, are their OTA Updates for newer versions of Android that follows.

    Can they even keep up with Asus of this?  Even HTC and Samsung can’t.


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