Motorola has been wise enough to release new apps through the Google Play Store instead of inside a firmware update for one great reason: it’s faster. Compared to bringing new Android apps exclusive to Motorola devices on a firmware update, adding them to the Play Store allows Moto X owners to be easily notified of the release. This way, they are able to download the apps immediately even without a system update.

Even if compatible with only a few phones, Motorola’s release of the new and updated apps on the Google Play Store proves to be more effective than putting it inside a firmware. No need to wait for a full On-The-Air update before getting the new apps, simply go to the Play Store and download. This strategy has been efficient that even some OEMs are following Motorola.

If you own the new Moto X, you’d be glad to know there are four new apps available for your Android phone. Motorola has just released Moto Actions, Motorola Sensor Services, Moto Display, and Moto app. Some of the features here we already mentioned before.  Here’s a rundown of the new apps:

The plainly named Moto is simply an app that explains the features of the new phone, as well as, fixes bugs and enhances user experience by making the phone more personal and responsive. The app teaches the phone to adjust to motion automatically, respond to voice with the Moto Voice, and show notifications.

Moto Actions app showcases the hand-waving functionalities introduced by Motorola. The app allows the latest Moto X phone to respond to hand gestures. Once the app is installed, you can open the camera simply by twisting your wrist twice. To snooze alarms or silence calls, just wave your hand above the phone.

The Moto Display is actually the old Active Display. For some reason, Motorola listed this app separately for the latest Moto device and now with a new name.

The Moto Display app allows your 2nd-gen Moto X to show information on the screen discreetly without turning on the screen or waking the phone. Basic information such as battery level, day/date, and notifications are displayed.

As for the Motorola Sensor Services, it’s a help app that keeps the Sensor firmware always updated. With the Sensor Services app installed, owners can maximize all the new features of the OG Moto X.

All these new Moto X apps are ready for download from the Google Play Store.

Download: Moto, Moto Actions, Moto Display, Motorola Sensor Services from Google Play Store

VIA: Android Police



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