CyanogenMod began teasing something called “Nemesis” a short while back and it looks like we are now seeing the first details come available. These are arriving as Phase 1 and it deals with the camera app. Specifically, a camera app called Focal that will be coming for CyanogenMod users.

The good news is that the Focal camera app is in active development. The bad news is that we have yet to see anything suggesting when it will be available for everyone to begin playing with. A select group of users have gotten early access and from what we are seeing, the Focal app will include options for capturing regular images and video as well as a Panorama and Picsphere.

The Picsphere option appears to be much the same as Photosphere, just having been renamed. You will also be able to capture images using the front-facing camera and while recording video. Of course, that is just where things begin. There are plenty of other options and settings available. Most of these are what you would expect from a camera app and they include options to adjust the flash settings, white balance, color effects, exposure and more.

There is also a Scene Mode with Auto and HDR as well as more than 15 other options including Best Shot. The Focal app will also have an auto-enhancement mode, however this looks like it will come with some good and bad. The good is that it will be similar to the auto-enhancing feature announced by Google during I/O, but the bad is that it is said to need nearly 6-7 seconds to complete the image after you take it.

Users will also be able to adjust the widgets within the app. Basically, this will allow you to customize the icons shown within the option bar. Simply put, this will allow you to get easy access to the features you use most and hide the ones you rarely use. That all being said, Focal remains in beta, however it is expected to be merged into the nightly builds by this weekend. Sadly though, no word on when Focal will arrive for those rocking a stable build.

VIA: Geek, AndroidPolice