Flipboard 2.0 was announced back at the end of March and to the disappointment of Android users, it was initially available only for iOS users. Android users were further teased at the end of April when Flipboard shared details about how well they were doing since the 2.0 app update. At that time they were talking about the record growth, however they did offer a bit of teasing for Android users saying Flipboard 2.0 would be available “very soon.”

We suspect the definition of “very soon” will vary from person to person, however the good news is that the app is now available for download. The big new feature that comes along with this update is the magazine functionality. This basically means users will be able to create a personal magazine. These magazines can be kept private or shared with others and will allow you to collect and save items including articles and images as well as audio and video and then organize that content into magazine form.

Other changes and additions with this update include the ability to login using your Facebook account, content from The Financial Times and a web-based editor for the magazines feature. The editor will be available at editor.flipboard.com and it will allow users to customize the layout and content of their magazines.


Specifically, the web-based editor will allow you to do everything from change the order of stories, photos and videos as well as delete content and reorder the magazines themselves. Users will also have some additional details in terms of sharing. These additional items will include details on how often specific items are being shared. With that, those looking for Flipboard will be able to find the app using this Google Play Store link.

[via Flipboard Blog]