Flipboard version 2.0 has officially been announced. The disappointing part is that it has already been made available for iOS users as those rocking an Android device will have a few weeks to wait. The folks at Flipboard have said that version 2.0 will be available for Android users next month. Just in case you needed a bit of extra teasing, this update is being touted as a “major new edition.”

In fact, it is said that Flipboard 2.0 will bring “treats for everyone from the casual reader to the power user.” Part of the 2.0 update is the ability to create a personal magazine. Flipboard has said that v2.0 will allow users to collect and save items including articles and images as well as audio and video and then organize that content into a magazine. That magazine can then be kept private, or shared out with others.

This Flipboard update also includes a new bookmarklet. Using the “Flip It” bookmarklet will allow you to save pages during the day and have them ready for when you have time to sit back and read. There will also be a section called “By Our Readers” which can be found in the Content Guide. This section will offer a selection of magazines from staff as well as select users that had been part of the Flipboard 2.0 beta program.

Additionally, Flipboard 2.0 will add a new visual Content Guide that includes notifications, commenting, recommended reading, subsections within partner magazines, fast section switching and an option to integrate the Facebook Open Graph which Flipboard has said will bring your “activity to your Facebook page in more meaningful ways.” Finally, you can also check out the “Welcome to Flipboard 2.0” video above to get a look at some of these new features in action.

[via Inside Flipboard]