After SwiftKey getting an update, Fleksy is also receiving new features that will allow more personalization to your keyboard. This productivity app for Android now comes with a custom theme builder so you are free to make your own keyboard design complete with photos of your choice, colors, and effects. It’s up to you how you want the keyboard to look on your phone.

This mobile keyboard lets you share the design with your family and friends who also use Fleksy. They are free to download the app if they don’t have it yet. You can also use the themed keyboard in other apps to make typing a more enjoyable experience.

If you think you’re not creative enough to make a cool custom theme, you can always purchase a pre-made design. Of course, it will cost you a few dollars but honestly, you don’t have to because making your own theme is easy as 1-2-3.

The developers at Fleksy seems to be aiming a more fun-loving Fleksy. Just last August, suggested emojis and deep links were added. And even before this week’s update, Fleksy already launched a theme design content for users last July. And then there’s the GIF keyboard that brings short animations and video clips to your messages.

Download Fleksy + GIF Keyboard from the Google Play Store


SOURCE: Fleksy