When you talk to your friends on your various messaging apps, you sometimes discuss the latest single from your favorite artist or what’s happening at your favorite nightspot this weekend. You would have to leave your chat, google for the info that you want, and then go back and tell them all about it. But the latest update from virtual keyboard Fleksy lets you discover new info about your topic without having to go to a different app to find it.

Fleksy is actually partnering with URX to harness the app’s highlight feature and use the auto-suggestion hashtag. They promise though that this will be unobtrusive and will naturally flow into your conversation. For example, you’re discussing Iggy Azelea, but you forgot what’s the title of her latest song. As you type her name, you’ll be shown recommendations from Spotify or Soundcloud. From it, you can easily click and share the song you’re talking about. You will also get sticker and GIF suggestions if they’re available.

Aside from this new feature in collaboration with URX, the update also brings emoji suggestions. For example, you’re telling your friend how upset you are. As you type the word angry, the keyboard will suggest to you the emojis you can use to fully express what you’re feeling at that moment. And you know, with the amount of emojis we have nowadays, you can actually have conversations without words and just full of emojis.

The update is already rolling out to Android users. Music, events, and transportation are included in the auto-suggestion hashtag feature, with more categories soon to follow. You can update your app through Fleksy’s Google Play Store page.

SOURCE: Fleksy