The Moto G Google Play Edition may have gotten Android 5.1.1 already but the first-gen Moto G has yet to get Android 5.0.2 but it’s here now, ready to rock your Android phone. We’ve been anticipating for this one since we reported it back in February. It’s only now the first Moto G is receiving the sweet Android. It’s not the latest Android 5.1.1 but Android 5.0.2 is just as good.

As with other devices getting Android Lollipop, this software update brings improvements on device interaction and visual style. Some notable enhancements include a new colorful look and feel courtesy of Material Design. You’ll see new colors and widgets themes plus more fluid animations to apps and themes.

Changes on notifications are also obvious. You’ll notice that notifications will appear on your lock screen, already ranked by type. When you want to open one, simple tap twice. Clear all notifications from the bottom of the list and swipe left to right to delete one. Privacy and priority of each app can be set. If you delete one notification, they will be deleted on your other Android devices if there is Internet connection.

You can also make changes on Ambient Display and Downtime settings. You can customize behavior of interruptions including messages, calls, reminders, and events. You can choose to receive notifications from specific contacts or times and days. The Overview space has been redesigned as well to include activities and apps within those apps. Your recently used apps and activities will appear along with other recent apps. This Android Lollipop software update also adds Smart Lock support.

SOURCE: Motorola


  1. Wow, announcing an update I’ve had on my Moto G locked to Vodafone for a couple of months or more… using Motorola standard OTA update, no jail breaking, perfectly legitimately.
    Waiting for 5.1… 5.0.2 is old news


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