Mozilla has released the Firefox Quantum Beta and Developer Edition back in September. It’s different from the Firefox Focus but it’s also fast and powerful. According to Mozilla, Firefox Quantum is faster by two times from the current version you’re using. The company made sure less memory is used so it’s speedier than the competition and even its older version.

This new Quantum browser can be downloaded on your computer. It promises rapid-fire performance, faster page loading, less memory usage, and smart features. The Quantum allows a more intelligent browsing even if you’ve already opening dozens of tabs. Private browsing is seriously secure with added tracking protection. It’s also smarter in a way you can easily take screenshots, save for later reading, enjoy gaming and virtual reality, and use a searchable library where you can find just about anything you need. Some other customizations you can try are extensions, themes, and toolbar. You will see a newer User Interface (Photon UI) and see how Pocket integration works.

You can use other search engines on the browser but Mozilla made a decision to make Google the default search provider, at least, in Canada and the US. We’re not surprised about this move because we only trust Google as the best search engine in the world.

With all the good news and announcements, Mozilla is launching a new Firefox campaign. The browser has Chrome as its biggest rival and hopefully, Mozilla will be able to re-capture some percentage of the Chrome’s market. Believe it or not, many people cannot differentiate Chrome and Firefox.

The new Firefox marketing campaign will show off and demonstrate how the Quantum version is advanced and speedier compared to the other browsers we know. With the feedback and recommendations of a group of users, Mozilla worked on the Quantum’s development and now, even the commercial launch.

The new Firefox is indeed ‘Fast for good’. Mozilla is planning a number of online and offline campaign gimmicks including the TV and digital video ads, Firefox Fast Ferry in New York, Firefox Fast Pass, podcast IRL, and a Glass Room pop-up.

Download the Firefox Quantum browser from Mozilla

SOURCE: Mozilla