Netflix has been changing how we think about media and entertainment. Admit it, you’re this close to ditching your cable subscription (if you haven’t yet). The streaming service is also bringing some of our old favorites into the small screen. We can go on and on listing them down but we won’t. We remember the first time Netflix started hiring Android developers back in 2010. The Netflix app has since received numerous updates while the company itself is introducing other products and services including FAST.

FAST was first launched as by Netflix. It’s a speed test website tool that was transformed into a mobile app which also received several updates. The latest we know is the ability to measure latency and upload speed. It’s still the same fast and free tool people can use to check their internet service and see if the provider is keeping the promises. app’s users have grown in numbers especially in the past year, reaching half a billion speed tests from all over the world. Not many people have an idea about the speed of their connection but with FAST, you can see more information that matters to you including the upload speed which is actually the “speed of the connection for uploading data” while connection latency is the “round-trip time of a request when there is no other traffic present”. Being able to measure the latter is important because you’ll know how to manage your time more efficiently and be able to look for alternatives when things get really slow.

Who doesn’t want a faster Internet speed? We know we want all the speed in the world but we believe we need the right tools to achieve that. We won’t have to waste any more second once you have the information you need. There is a reason why internet service can be congested at times and you need to determine what’s causing it. Even if no one admits that he is downloading dozens of movies at the same, you’ll know because connection speed is slower.

Use the app whether on broadband or mobile, wherever you are around the globe, and understand why you can’t download that Netflix movie you’ve been dying to finish.

Download FAST Speed Test from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Netflix