Have you heard of Farming Simulator 14? No? How about Farming PRO 15? Well, that’s just too bad, because a new and improved farm simulator game is coming right at you and it’s not Farmville, no. You have to understand that a lot of people geek out to different kinds of things. Some geek out to crops, weather patterns, fertilizers, and monster tractors and harvesters, and how best to earn a profit in which season. For these kinds of people, there’s Farming Simulator 16 – coming to Android soon.


Farming Simulator 16 becomes very familiar if you’ve played the versions that came before. But if you are a new player looking for a great business simulator to sink your teeth – and your tractor wheels – into, look no further. With Farming Simulator 16, you basically run your own farm and sell your products for a profit. But it’s not as easy as you think it is – farming never is easy, ask the farmers themselves. You have to think about concerns like equipment, and weather, and markets that change due to supply and demand, to be able sell your product and earn money.


Smart farmers will invest in different crops – and there are a lot in the game, from the common wheat, corn, and canola, to potatoes and sugar beets. You can also invest in cows and sheep to add to your income, and new on this version – even do forestry and sell timber. Of course, there’s your normal geek factor in the farm equipment you can use, and the game goes so far to get farm vehicles and equipment from the real world to bring them into the game – with brands like New Holland, Case IH, Ponsse, Lamborghini, Horsch, and Krone.


The game is now more robust with graphics and better camera angles to make it more immersive. And to heighten the fun, there’s always the multiplayer mode where you can have gaming sessions with your other farm geek friends over WiFi or Bluetooth and maybe some pizza and beer. Sounds good, right? The app, designed by GIANTS Software, will launch on the first week of August, just a few more days from now. You can pick up the game then via the Google Play Store for USD$2.99.