The 2014 edition of the game that you may or may not have been been waiting for has finally landed on Google Play Store. Farming Simulator 14 is here to let you play out your agricultural fantasies and even drag your friend over to help.

Farming Simulator 14, whose confusing name takes a cue from certain football game titles, is, as you’d expect, a game that sensationalizes the agricultural industry. This is what Farmville would have become if you slapped on some semi-realistic 3D graphics and made it into a serious business, figuratively and literally. But aside from just focusing on the crops, would-be farmers also get to play with their dream trucks and equipment modeled from real-world machines from agricultural giants such as Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, and more.

Farming Simulator not only simulates planting a variety of grain and products, such as wheat, canola, and corn, it also lets players handle marketing aspects as well. You even have virtual cows to feed and milk, the latter of which you can also sell to boost your income. Farming Simulator adds a tinge of multiplayer into the mix, letting a friend into your free-roaming agrarian world via WiFi or Bluetooth. A short teaser released before the game’s launch can be seen below.

But just as the laws of the harvest dictate that everything has a cost, so does this game have a price. Farming Simulator 14 is available on Google Play Store and can be yours for just $2.99.

Download: Farming Simulator 14 on Google Play Store
VIA: Eurogamer