Ever fancy building a business empire through farming? No? Well, maybe not you, but some people out there have thought it. For those who have, then this is the game for you – Farming PRO 2015. It’s the most in-depth farm management game in Android that you can find to date, if you are into planting and raising crops to build your empire.


Farming PRO 2015 is at its core, a management game, and that’s what players will do. You get to decide what crop to plant or raise. Then of course you will have to plant, spray, grow, and harvest the crops, and hope that the crop you planted gives you enough profit in a dynamic economy. Yes, the game takes the economy into consideration as well.


The players can then expand their farms by adding new fields, upgrading buildings, and trying to sell product at the highest possible price. The products you can choose from include cows, sheep, chickens, corn, canola, wheat, and hay. You can support your farms with more than fifty different vehicles, including tractors, harvesters, trailers, trucks, cultivators, planters, and more.

If your that type of farm geek gamer, then the game for you has arrived. The game is sleek and premium, and management game freaks will have the time of their lives playing this. Pick up the game via the Google Play Store for USD$1.85.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store