The fancy app and Twitter client Falcon Pro, which is still arguably one of the best and most popular Twitter apps for Android has received a nice new update. However, it is causing a few issues for many while also resetting the log-in and making users start all over. Twitter imposes a ridiculous 100,000 user limit for 3rd party apps, and as a result this app has already reached the limit multiple times. The developer has freed up a few unused tokens, but read on below for more details.

Last night the developers behind the wildly popular Twitter client pushed out a nice new update that brings a new UI, tons of bug fixes, and new features. At the same time they’ve also updated the application on the Play Store with a new version that resets all 100,000 tokens.

The reason behind this is those who actually use the app can sign-in again and reclaim their token. Then any of those no longer using the application can pass and let those looking to purchase the app have access. Otherwise the 100,000 token limit by Twitter just ruins the chance for anyone else to enjoy the app. Really, Twitter needs to stop this nonsense, but that won’t be happening anytime soon.

We’re hearing people resigning into Falcon Pro are missing Direct Messages, and some of their mentions are apparently missing in action as well. Obviously the initial sync can take some time, but things shouldn’t be lost. Their latest update earlier this month brought multiple account support, new color themes, and much more so give it a try today before that token limit fills up again. Alternatively, give the impressive Robird Android app a try. Hit the link below and get Falcon Pro today.

VIA: Play Store