The Falcon Pro app recently reached the 100k user token limit enforced by Twitter. This means bad news for those who may have been considering a purchase, but perhaps more important here — it also places the developer in a bit of a sticky situation. You see, the developer wants to keep the app available for current users, but also needs a way to discourage new users from making the purchase.

The simple solution would be to close shop (similar to what we saw with Tweet Lanes), however there is apparently still work to be done on the app. In fact, a recent Tweet coming from the Falcon Pro account noted that the updates will continue if for no other reason than the developer wants to keep using it as his main client and he doesn’t want to use an outdated app. Reasoning aside, that seems to be good news for current users.

Of course, this doesn’t solve the problem of new users. You see, they could just let the downloads continue, however that will eventually just bring bad reviews and low stars because well, that person downloaded an app that could not be used. That being the case, the developer has chosen a unique route — raise the price to insanity levels. As of now Falcon Pro is priced at $132.13.


That should be enough to keep new users from downloading the app, and at the same time keep it available for current users. That is not where this ends though, the developer has posted some details in regards to a petition and also a request. The petition is to try and get Twitter to raise the token limit for the app and the request is for those no longer using the app to release the access token so other users can get access.

[via Google Play]