Facebook Home originally launched on April 12, however as we were expecting to happen, it is only available for a select few devices at this time. The supported device list includes the HTC One X and One X+ as well as the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III. There is also announced future support for the GALAXY S 4 and the HTC One. While this list includes some of the more popular Android phones, it still is only a few.

On that note, it looks like those without an officially supported handset can now install and run Facebook Home. The details come by way of Paul O’Brien who is the founder of MoDaCo. The forums have instructions on how to install Facebook Home on an unsupported device and also in an unsupported country. And just to clarify, there is a separate process for the unsupported devices and the unsupported countries.

Beginning first with the unsupported countries, this process involves having the main Facebook and the Facebook Messenger app installed and then using the tweaked APK for Home. Once those are all installed, you can activate Home in the main Facebook settings menu. For the unsupported countries you are using the two official apps and then the unofficial version of Home.

Shifting over to the unsupported devices and you will need to begin with making sure the main Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps are uninstalled. Yes, completely removed from your device. From here you will be downloading and installing three modified APK files. Basically, this is done because the modifications include having the device check portion removed. With that being said, those looking to run Facebook Home on an unsupported device or in an unsupported country can grab all the necessary files using the MoDaCo link sitting below.

[via MoDaCo]