We are still waiting for the Facebook Home update to come available in the Google Play Store, however in the meantime, the company has rolled out an updated release of the regular Facebook app. This update is currently available and the changelog details a few minor, but welcomed additions. Aside from what we see in the changelog though, there seems to have been something else that was added and later removed.

First though, lets mention the additions before we get into the mystery. The first item are the stickers. These stickers will be familiar for those who had been using the Facebook Messenger app as they were added in an update that arrived back in April. Basically, you will now be able to send stickers while chatting from within the regular Facebook app. Those looking for the stickers should look for the smiley face in the “write a message” box.

The next addition was also small, but we suspect more than a few will be happy with it. Moving forward you will now be able to delete unwanted comments from your posts. The final item on the changelog deals with Facebook Pages. With this, you will now be able to get directions as well as check in and make a call to the business right from the top. With those out of the way, lets get into the mystery.


It seems Facebook also included another item called “Ongoing Notifications.” This is basically how it sounds and when checked (which it was by default), you would get a persistent notification bar in your shade. This offered shortcut access to your Friend Requests, Messages and Notifications. Aside from the bit about it not being in the Facebook app, it appeared similar to the top section of the actual Facebook app. The twist on this, it seems this feature was silently added with the update and then just as silently removed.

Aside from seeing this notification bar, this was an item that was found in the “Advanced Notifications Settings” section in the Settings. Assuming this hadn’t been removed, it was located just below the “Groups” setting. This setting has since been removed from all the devices we have in our possession but given we clearly saw this added and and then removed (the folks at Engadget managed to grab an image before it was removed), it brings the question as to how it was removed. After all, external app updates should have been stopped. Putting that to the side, it appears as if Facebook accidentally revealed an upcoming feature here. That does bring the question though; Is a persistent Facebook notification bar something that you want?

VIA: Google Play Store