With details coming by way of a previous app update, Facebook had said they would have Chat Heads and stickers available for everyone over the next few weeks. Those stickers were later found to be hidden and available for those willing (or able) to tap a tiny little spot next to the plus button. As of today though, Facebook has once again updated the Android Messenger app and this time they have added the sticker support.

Basically, stickers are now available and users can send them as they see fit. When in the Facebook Messenger app, a tap of the smiley face icon will allow you to send what Facebook is describing as a “playful kitten or another cute critter.” The stickers can be accessed by tapping the smiley icon, which sits in the ‘write a message’ box, just to the left of the location arrow.

Not much to the stickers aside from the bit about them now being readily available as opposed to being hidden and hard to access. Otherwise, in addition to the release of stickers, this Facebook Messenger app update also took care of some unspecified bugs. All that being said, we offer this — not everyone will see that smiley icon just yet.

In fact, it seems that quite a few users are saying they are not able to access them. Rest assured though, if you are not seeing them just yet, you will soon and you are not alone. That aside, we can confirm the stickers are available and in fact, you can get a look at some of the options in the above screenshots.

[via Google Play Store]