Essential Phone Amazon

Ten months after the smartphone was first unveiled and almost six months after it hit the market, the Essential Phone seems to be more popular these days. It’s famous but not exactly for the right reason. The company only sold 80,000 units last year after a rocky start of being delayed, exclusive to one mobile carrier, and Andy Rubin leaving his position. Essential only sold 5,000 units within a month after availability but as we’ve been saying the past few weeks, there is still hope for Essential.

The Essential Phone PH-1 got an Ocean Depths color in time for Valentine’s Day. Two other colors immediately followed: Stellar Gray and Copper Black. If those three new colors are not enough, then you may want to consider this Halo Gray. It’s the latest color variant and we have a feeling it won’t be the last either. This one is more special though as the Essential Phone now comes with built-in Alexa. It’s the first Essential Phone to have Alexa out of the box.

The Halo Gray Essential Phone is an exclusive offer from Amazon. It’s not exactly one of the Prime Exclusive Phones but you can only buy the new color from the top e-commerce site. You can place your order for the Essential Factory Unlocked Phone 128GB Halo Gray phone for $449.99. Nothing has changed in the design and specs but it now looks more industrial with the matte finish.

To review, the Essential Phone comes equipped with a 5.7-inch Quad HD display screen, 13MP Dual RGB and Mono Rear camera setup, 128GB onboard storage, Click Connector system, 4GB RAM, 8MP selfie cam, 4G LTE, and a 3040mAh battery. The device runs Android 7.1 Nougat.

SOURCE: Essential, Amazon